"All In One" Lead Management & Marketing Automation Platform For The Property Sector

Built By Property Professionals, For Property Professionals!

Imagine A World Where Customer Leads Just Flowed Into Your Business
On Auto-Pilot!

Well, you don’t need to imagine anymore! That’s exactly what we’ve created with Funnel Suite. 

We’ve built a suite of specialist marketing tools and a support system that allows you to build lead generation machines for your property business with just a few clicks (unless you want us to do it for you of course)

All you’ll need to do is convert those leads into customers – The bit you’re good at! 

We’ve taken our 18+ years property industry experience and turned that into a series of templates, resources, training videos and proven systems that generate leads for your property business. 

Not only will it generate leads, it will generate HOT leads who are pre-qualified to want what it is you have to offer. 

We also wanted to make sure it was as easy as possible for you so have created 3 levels, depending on how much you want to get involved. 

Check us out and if you have any questions at all about whether Funnel Suite is right for your business, you can book a call with one of our property marketing specialists HERE or use the contact form below. 

Who We Designed The Platform For

Estate Agency

You can’t rely on Rightmove valuation leads if you want to grow your Estate Agency! You need to get out there and generate your own leads so at least you’re first in the door when a vendor is considering selling. 

Of course you can leaflet drop. Yes, you can send out direct mail letters. But are these the most efficient use of time and resources? 

Funnel Suite focuses on helping you build online lead generation campaigns by providing automated seller lead generation funnels, appointment booking and follow up workflows and even website chat widgets and social media messaging capabilities. 

We all know that speed of contact is one of the most important parts of generating consistent instructions for your agency which is exactly why we’ve made that a priority when building our software for you. 

Real estate agent demonstrates a new apartment to a happy couple. Buying a property.
Manager offers keys to house holding contract in other hand. Rental and buying a property

Lettings & Property Management

Your letting agency needs more landlords! Managed Landlords ideally, but any landlord on the books is a good landlord (well, almost every landlord). 

To attract landlords you need to demonstrate to them that you’re better than their current ageny – an almost impossible task if you haven’t got their contact details. 

We understand that Landlord leads take longer to nurture and convert due to existing tenancies, nerves around changing agents etc. 

Our pre-built lead generation and nurture campaigns are designed to maintain contact with landlords over a longer period of time so, when the time’s right, they’ll get in touch to discuss taking on their property. 

Funnel Suite takes care of all of that nurturing for you, on auto pilot, so all you need to do is wait for the landlord to get in touch and instruct you to market their property. 

Sourcer / Deal Packagers / Buying Agents

The best leads are those which you have exclusive access to , right! 

This means you can’t just rely on properties on the open market with agents. You need to be able to generate your own leads. 

Funnel Suite has everything you need to get your sourcing business setup including website templates, pre-built direct to vendor lead generation funnels, appointment booking systems and so much more. 

Having had successful deal packaging businesses ourselves, we understand the required elements to be successful and those are the foundations Funnel Suite has been built on.

Businessman or career consultant at his desk
Couple in transaction signing contract of house with broker.

Mortgage / Insurance Brokers

How would you like a constant flow of leads coming into your mortgage brokerage or insurance firm (or any professional services business for that matter)? 

Funnel Suite provide you with all the tools, resources and support to help you build a list of prospects who are both interested now, but also potential customers in the future. 

Funnel Suite will help you build out the required steps to attract, nurture and convert leads no matter what the market conditions . 

Private Investors

Whilst most private investors rely heavily on agents to supply them with leads, some are being more proactive and looking to generate their own off market leads. 

The process for generating leads is very similar to that of a property sourcer, with the only difference really being that you keep the deal for yourself. 

In addition to property lead generation we have also created investor/investment lead generation funnels so, if you’re looking to leverage other people’s money, you can find suitable investors. 

Funnel Suite have all the templates, funnels and tools to help you generate off market deals on auto pilot. 

Modern investor
DIY, maintenance service works concept. Home repair tools set on wooden background.

Trades & Home Service Companies

We understand how important it is to maintain regular contact with your leads and customers but also appreciate how difficult that is when you’re busy. 

Funnel Suite offers complete lead and customer management tools so that communication is happening on auto pilot while you’re busy working. 

Our templated workflows manage everything from appointment bookings to review request follow up and even SMS appointment reminders to let your clients know when you’re coming. 

We’ve built Funnel Suite to make your life as easy as possible so you can concentrate on doing what you do best! 

All The Tools You Need To Grow In One Place

Pipeline Management

Track your leads from acquisition through to conversion (and beyond). Our pipelines allow you to see a snapshot of your lead generation activity at all times.

Website & Funnel Builder

You can build your website and your sales funnel pages right inside Funnel Suite so there's no need for other "funnel builder" subscriptions or expensive web hosting packages.

Contact Management (CRM)

Use our built in CRM platform to update contact information, maintain notes on conversations you've had and tag them based on activity for your marketing campaigns.

Calendar & Booking System

Our calendar system allows your prospects to book calls / appointments right within your Funnel Suite account. This allows for ease of contact management and keeps everything neatly under one roof.

Social Media Scheduler

Our social media scheduler acts like any other platform where you can create your content posting calendar across all social media channels. Just connect your accounts within Funnel Suite, upload you posts and set them to post when you want them to.

Live Chat & Messaging

We understand that your prospects are likely to want quick replies to their messages. We have therefore integrated a website chat widget as well as messenger integration so you can message instantly ensuring your customers receive the service they expect.

Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics functionality allows you to see a snapshot of your pipelines and contact data from an easy to navigate dashboard so you can keep track of everything from leads to deals and even due diligence processes.


The Funnel Suite Academy has been set up not only to show you how to use the platform but also to help you generate and convert more leads with specific training on everything from lead generation to deal conversion.

Support Community

Our support community is where you can request tech support for the platform but also ask questions about lead generation and conversion from our experts as well as other members of the community.

What We Replace And How Much You Save!

Funnel Suite Pricing

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Everything you need to get started on your own right away
£ 199
  • Industry Specific Funnel Templates
  • Lead Management Tools (CRM)
  • Website & Page Templates
  • Call / Appointment Management
  • Social Media Scheduler
  • Email Sequence Templates
  • Review Management Tools
  • Funnel Analytics Dashboard
  • Pipeline Management / Workflows
  • Website Chat Widget

Done With You (DWY)

Want to fast track setup and your results? let's work together to get you setup correctly
£ 599
  • Online Training Videos (Academy)
  • Marketing Strategy Call
  • Tech & Account Setup
  • Weekly Group Support Calls
  • Live Group Q&A Sessions

Done For You (Agency)

Why not just let us take all the hassle away and get everything setup for you and then managed on a monthly basis to ensure max efficiency!
  • Full Funnel Setup
  • Workflow & Automation Setup
  • Organic & Paid Traffic Setup
  • Facebook & Google Ads Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Appointment Setting & Feedback

About Us

With over 18 years property industry experience both in agency and investing ourselves, we understand the importance of generating leads and maintaining a healthy pipeline.

Something we always struggled with however, was the need for multiple tools and subscriptions to perform our lead generation activity day to day.

Funnel Suite has been designed to remove the need for multiple tools (and subscription costs) to make the process as streamlined and automatable as possible.

From basic CRM functionality to complex email and text automations, Funnel Suite ensures your marketing efforts are consistent so you can focus on converting leads into business and ultimately adding more profit to your property business.

Want to discuss Funnel Suite in more detail and/or book a demo?

Leave us a message below and one of our team will be in touch to answer any questions you have and show you how it works.